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natural resources spa consulting inc.

sourcing, qualifying and structuring third party and/or branded operators

Natural Resources guides owners through the best choices for spa management structure – self-operation, third party operation, or management contract.

Natural Resources will create an impressive and compelling Request for Proposal (RFP) document, so as to attract the best possible operator for the intended facility.

We will create a business brief for the purposes of defining the project in terms of size and location of the spa, business objectives and deal structure. The final report will include:

  • Requirements and Criteria for consideration
  • Proposal Presentation
  • Firm Overview and Professional Expertise
  • Schedule Outline
  • Lease Fee Structure

Our Leadership Team will search opportunities to source, qualify and structure third party operators by:

  • Sourcing prospective management and joint venture opportunities
  • Guiding owners/management through determining the best opportunity for Spa management by a third-party operator with capital
  • Reviewing and making recommendations based on third party R&D and results of situational analysis
  • Assisting in facilitating the deal