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Black Counter, Orange Chairs

Lamps and Studio

Retail Revolution

Customized Retail Solutions
Created for Hospitality, Spa and Fitness

Implement a Unique and Profitable Retail Plan

Natural Resources has assembled a team that will deliver a customized retail solution, encompassing design, collection strategy, ongoing selective shopping, visual merchandising, training, events and Internet strategy.

We'll help you make the most of your retail space and guest profile, and create an exclusively curated collection of items that are distinctive, seasonal, indigenous, of artisanal quality, and above all, highly profitable.

Retail Revolution Program

Retail Revolution Framework

  • Understand the needs of client and space
  • Assess brand and existing retail operations
  • Create/Align retail program objectives
  • Develop a comprehensive plan
  • Increase engagement across channels & online sales
  • Identify Benchmark
  • Track and Analyze Results

Retail Revolution Components

  • Retail guest experience and environment
  • Merchandising/Buying strategy
  • Inventory Management
  • Technology and Internet strategy
  • PR/Marketing/Events
  • Training transformation
  • Scorecard / Performance measurement
  • Access to strategic partners and manufacturers